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Объявление снято с публикации
1 августа 2021

Deformed Steel Rebars (HR/CD)

Донецк | Добавлено: 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1607

Deformed Steel Rebars (HR/CD), 40 000 руб.

Донецк | 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1607, просмотры: 4
    ALIBABA GROUP paves direct access to EU and CIS producers of hot-rolled or cold-deformed steel for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures, i.e. Reinforcement Steel or Deformed Steel Bars (Rebars, Rods or Wires). Reinforcement Steel here, listed in ascending order of minimal physical fluidity, is produced according to original standards that may or may not correspond to international ASTM-А510М/A615M, BS 4449, DIN 488-1/2, etc:
    GOST 5781-82 (DSTU 3760-98): Hot-rolled steel bars for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures.
    Diameter: 6-80mm; Length: 6-12m or within 5-25m
    Packing: 6-8mm in bundles, 10-80mm in bars
    Classes depending on physical fluidity limits 235-980 N/mm2:
    A1 (A240) -- smooth surface
    A2 (A300), A3 (A400), A4 (A600), A5 (A800), A6 (A1000) -- periodically twisted surface
    GOST 10884-94 (DSTU 3760-98): Thermomechanically hardened steel bars for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures.
    Diameter: 6-40mm; Length: 5.3-13.5m and up to 26m
    Packing: 6-8mm in bundles, 10-40mm in bars
    Classes depending on physical fluidity limits 440-1200 N/mm2:
    AT400C, AT500C, AT600, AT600C, AT600K, AT800, AT800K, AT1000, AT1000K, AT1200 – periodically twisted surface
    T -- thermomechanically hardened
    C -- weldable (in a butt joint)
    K -- corrosion-resistant
    GOST 52544-06 (DSTU 3760:2006): Weldable steel bars A500C (hot-rolled) and B500C (cold-deformed) for reinforcement of ferroconcrete structures.
    Diameter: 6-40mm (A500C); 4-12mm (B500C); Length: 6-12m
    Packing: 4-6mm in bundles, 6-12mm in bundles or rods; 14-40mm in bars
    Classes depending on production, physical limit of fluidity 500 N/mm2:
    A500C (weldable, hot-rolled or thermomechanically hardened) -- periodically twisted surface
    B500C (weldable, cold-deformed) -- three-sided crescent-shaped or four-sided segmental section
    A limited number of steel grades -- mainly common carbon & low alloyed steel -- is admitted for making the above Reinforcement Steel. Minimal order quantity is 1,000mt because this is minimal capacity of a single blast furnace where requested steel grade for requested type of Reinforcement Steel is to be smelted. Please note, any original production of Reinforcement Steel is factory approvable but not publicly accessible process. True inquiry for particular production/offer/price has to show authentic information: 1) who (what company) is buyer/importer/consignee; 2) where (what bank) his payment is to come from; 3) how (in copies of docs) he bought/imported/consumed Reinforcement Steel last time, to prove 1) and 2). Undescribed inquirer, damn secret admirer, shall put retainer 2% of bidden contract value. Or else, false inquiry from crazy marketer will be coolly shut down.
    For additional information in English write to:
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