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Объявление снято с публикации
1 августа 2021

Electrolytic Copper Cathodes

Донецк | Добавлено: 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1616

Electrolytic Copper Cathodes, 450 000 руб.

Донецк | 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1616, просмотры: 1
    ALIBABA GROUP paves direct access to CIS, Asian and African producers of Copper Ore Lumps, Copper Cathodes, Cobalt Chips, as well as minor Tantalite, Graphite, Lithium concentrates and materials. Especially Electrolytic Copper Cathodes, especially for annual contracts like 12 months x 1000mt/month x $7000/mt = 84 million dollars = standard prerequisite of an African Copper Mine, one of dozens mining, smelting, full-cycle Copper businesses in Africa:
    -- Konkola Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by Vedanta Resources/ZCCM-IH
    -- Mopani Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by ZCCM-IH/Glencore/FQM Ltd
    -- Barrick Lumwana Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by Equinox
    -- Kansanshi Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by FQM Ltd/ZCCM-IH
    -- Lubambe Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by EMR/ZCCM-IH
    -- Luanshya Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by CNMC
    -- Chibuluma Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by Jinchuan/ZCCM-IH
    -- Chambishi Copper Mine (Zambia) owned by CNMC
    -- Baluba Copper-Cobalt Mine (Zambia) owned by CNMC
    Number 1 though 4 in the above list account for 80% of all Zambia-made Copper. Democratic Republic of Congo is second largest African reserve of Copper business watchdogs: Kapulo Copper Mine (DRC), Kipoi Copper Mine (DRC), Kinsevere Copper Mine (DRC), Ruashi Copper-Cobalt Mine, Kamoto Underground Mine (DRC), etc. Copper Ore is almost no longer exported out of Africa. Copper Cathodes are being exported, but not to every inquiring client:
    Purity: 99.97% Cu; 99.99% Cu
    Dimension: 914 mm x 914 mm x 12 mm (LME Standards)
    Weight of each sheet: 125 Kilograms (Approximately +/-2%)
    Net weight of each pallet: 2,000 Kilograms (Approximately +/-2%)
    Net weight per container: 20.0 Metric Tons (Approximately +/-2%)
    Gross weight per container: 22.2 Metric Tons (Approximately +/-2%)
    As a rule, minimal order quantity is 500mt for spot offer and 1,000mt x12 = 12,000mt for annual contract. Prices correspond to LME (London Metal Exchange) indications -20% discount (at best) or without any discount. For example, LME Copper official settlement price being $7,000/mt. Clients giving many million dollars for annual contract can bid to buy at $5,600/mt CIF final destination. Clients having few million dollars for spot offer can bid to buy evenly at $7,000/mt FOB Africa. Proved clients shall qualify for 100% L/C, but would still pay first 2% T/T prior to main contract with miner.
    For additional information in English write to:
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