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Объявление снято с публикации
1 августа 2021

Ferroalloys FeSi, FeMn, FeCr

Донецк | Добавлено: 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1612

Ferroalloys FeSi, FeMn, FeCr, 82 000 руб.

Донецк | 5 ноября 2018, номер: 1612, просмотры: 1
    ALIBABA GROUP also paves direct access to Eurasian and Asian producers of couple of specialties in metallurgic industry, logistically situated along the Great Silk Road itineraries:
    1) White, Grey, Ductile Pig Iron both giving extra low Mn, S, P and controlling extra low Cu, Cr, Ni, Ti, V, Pb, Al, Mg as well. This type of high purity iron -- also called Malleable or Sphero Pig Iron -- is characterized by malleable spherical graphite nodules in its microstructure. Due to spherical structure, this iron material offers special properties like increased yield strength and tensile strength required in critical foundry and ductile applications;
    2) Principal ferroalloys such as Ferrosilicon, Ferromanganese, Ferrochrome and less commonly used Ferrophosphorus, Ferrovanadium, Ferrotitanium, Ferroniobium, Ferromolybdenum, Ferroboron, etc. Each ferroalloy constitutes an alloy of iron (less than 50%) and one or more other metals accordingly: Si, Mn, Cr, P, V, Ti, Nb, etc. Therefore ferroalloys are useful sources of these elements and usually have lower melting ranges than these pure elements and thus can be incorporated more readily into the molten Steel or Steel Alloy. Main types and subtypes being:
    Ferrosilicon -- FeSi 65 (Si ~65%), FeSi 45 (Si ~45%)
    Ferromanganese -- FeMn 78 (Mn ~78%), FeMn 88 (Mn ~88%)
    Ferrosilicomanganese -- MnSi17 (Mn/Si 65%/17%), MnSi22 (Mn/Si 65%/22%), MnSi25 (Mn/Si 65%/25%min)
    Ferrosiliconchrome -- FeCrSi40 (Cr/Si 35%min/35-40%), FeCrSi48 (Cr/Si 35%min/42-55%)
    Ferrochrome -- FeCr010, FeCr015, FeCr025 (Cr/C 66%min/0.10-0.25%)
    Ferrochrome -- FeCr100, FeCr200 (Cr/C 66%min/1.00-2.00%)
    Ferrochrome -- FeCr600, FeCr650, FeCr800, FeCr800, FeCr850, FeCr900 (Cr/C 66%min/6.00-9.00%)
    Either minimal order quantity is 500mt and dual orders are recommended because this is only half-minimal capacity of a single blast furnace where Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Ore, Coke & Catalysts for requested Ductile Iron or Ferroalloy are to be smelted. Please note, any original production of Ductile Iron or Ferroalloy is factory approvable but not publicly accessible process. True inquiry for particular production/offer/price has to show authentic information: 1) who (what company) is buyer/importer/consignee; 2) where (what bank) his payment is to come from; 3) how (in copies of docs) he bought/imported/consumed Ductile Iron or Ferroalloy last time, to prove 1) and 2). Undescribed inquirer, damn secret admirer, shall put retainer 2% of bidden contract value. Or else, false inquiry from crazy marketer will be coolly shut down.
    For additional information in English write to:
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